12012503B Combi Oil Seal Wheel Hub Seal for Tractor Size 50*75*12

Combi Oil Seal

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Combi Oil Seal

COMBI Oil seals composed of more than two oil seal parts can be called COMBI oil seals. Most of the simple combined oil seals are made of steel and oil-resistant rubber. Developed for extreme wear applications, the oil seal and dust seal are combined in one metal housing, ready to use.



This type of COMBI oil seal is an oil seal composed of a rubber lip, a metal skeleton and a spring ring (or more). It has inner and outer skeleton to clamp the rubber lip. Usually the COMBI oil seal also has a baffle to prevent the spring from coming out.


Spring loaded sealing lip

Additional dust lip to prevent dirt ingress and provide protection under extreme operating conditions 
Primarily used in all highly contaminated applications, such as off-road vehicle axles 
In cases where rotational and translational movements are superimposed, it is best to use a snap-on seal instead.






With dust lip (i.e.double Lip Oil Seal) or without Dust Lip (i.e.single Lip Oil Seal)



COMBI oil seals can always take advantage of the characteristics of various sealing materials to maximize their advantages. COMBI is an oil seal for reciprocating motion. Most oil seals at the joints of moving parts are made of materials with low coefficient of friction, low friction, less wear, smooth movement and long life. This material (PTFE) is self-lubricating and does not easily adhere to metal.



Long service life
High resistance to dirt ingress due to optimal positioning of the sealing and dust lips
Performance in relation to external dirt
High resistance to dirt from the outside. Suitable for sludge protection.



Agricultural machinery 
Suitable for extreme dirt entry and critical applications 
Agricultural vehicles and general industrial drives



COMBI seals are designed for construction equipment to overcome harsh working environments. Multi-piece seals combine to provide an additional barrier and sealing edge for equipment.COMBI seals can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on the user's equipment properties and conditions. Use NNK to customize your COMBI seals to help your machines last longer, survive extreme environmental conditions and achieve outstanding work.


NNK and COMBI oil seal

NNK brand belongs to NOK-CN factory. we has a rubber-plastic combined coaxial oil seal composed of polytetrafluoroethylene and oil-resistant rubber. It not only has low friction coefficient, but also has good mechanical strength and rigidity. COMBI oil seal is compact in structure and small in size. Two-way seals are used, and one-way seals combined with seals can be used in pairs.Contact us for any COMBI oil seal needs.

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