Do you really understand car oil seals?

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Do you really understand car oil seals?

Apr. 07, 2022

Do you really understand the car oil seal, do you know the service life of a good car oil seal, and do you know why your car oil seal leaks oil fast?

Why does the car crankshaft oil seal leak oil?

1. The supplier you cooperate with replaces expensive non-petroleum-based lubricants with cheap oil, so your car crankshaft oil seal will loosen and fall off after a short time of use.

2. The installation surface of the crankshaft oil seal is not suitable, and the manufacturer's technology is not good enough. After the engine is used for a period of time, the oil seal lip is deformed, and the entire oil seal will be deformed.

3. The engine has been used for too long, and the rear oil seal is naturally aged.


Do you really understand car oil seals?


How to avoid oil leakage of car crankshaft oil seal

1. Choose a strong and honest supplier. Our NNK brand belongs to NOK-CN factory and has quite in-depth research and requirements on automobile oil seals. Our automotive crankshaft oil seals have a long service life because our expertise ensures maximum sealing performance while reducing wear.

2. Select a good crankshaft oil seal. NOK-CN factory uses the best rubber for oil seals. Ensure that the elasticity of the rubber will not crack and deform. The metal shell is produced by ourselves to ensure the thickness, and the oil seal will not be easily deformed. The springs are also tested, and each oil seal is quality tested. We do our best to solve the oil leakage problem of automobile crankshaft oil seal for customers.

3. Regular inspection and replacement


Do you really understand car oil seals?


Do you really understand car oil seals?


If your crankshaft oil seal has leaked

1. First distinguish whether it is the front axle oil seal leaking oil or the rear axle oil seal.

2. Take out the NNK oil seal and replace it

3. If it happens not, then we will deal with it like this. Remove the last crankshaft main bearing cap, carefully remove the graphite asbestos strip from the crankshaft main bearing cap, use asbestos thread coated with a layer of butter to flatly pad it in the oil seal groove, and then place the removed graphite asbestos strip according to the The original appearance is pressed on the asbestos wire. After the completion, it can be used for a short period of time, and then it is taken to the repair shop for repair. Next time, prepare the NNK automobile crankshaft oil seal.

4. You can immediately inject part of the car oil into the crankcase, and then quickly drive the car to the nearest repair station for maintenance. Next time, prepare the NNK automobile crankshaft oil seal.


Do you really understand car oil seals?

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