How An Engine Cooling System Works?

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How An Engine Cooling System Works?

Sep. 01, 2022

What does the water plug on the engine do?


In order to protect the engine and prevent the engine from freezing and breaking when the weather is cold, if the inside of the engine freezes in cold weather, the water block will be opened to prevent the engine from being frozen and broken, which can protect the engine, so it is also called anti-freezing block.

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Why is there a water block on the engine?


On the one hand, it is because most of the original cooling engine relies on water, and antifreeze is rarely used. In winter, if the car does not have a garage to store it, drain the water the day before and add it the next day. If you forget to drain the water from the engine power once, the water will freeze and expand, and the engine block is likely to be frozen. Hence the design of the water block.

NNK Water Plugs for Cummins Engines


On the other hand, the reason is that there are oil passages and water passages inside the engine block, which cannot be integrally formed during casting. Various oil and water passages need to be reprocessed later. Due to the problem of processing technology, there will be holes of different sizes on the cylinder block. It needs to be blocked in the later stage, especially the sealing water block of the water channel, which has a good protective effect on the engine.

NNK Water Plugs for Cummins Engines

Water plugs can be divided into different materials, such as: stainless steel water plugs, brass water plugs, iron water plugs, steel water plugs and so on.

Water plug can also be called core plug/like bowl water plug / engine cap/cylinder cap/water stopper/Water Plug/water blockwater /water blocker/water stopper

How an engine cooling system works

Maybe you also want to know about other problems with water blockage, such as

1. Where is the water plug on the engine?

2. How does the water plug work?

3. What is the difference between brass water plugs and stainless steel water plugs?

4. Can the water plug be an expandable freeze plug?

and many more

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