NNK 40*52*7/10 DKB Oil Seal Dust Wiper Seal for Hydraulic Seal for Forklift Excavator

Construction Machinery Oil Seal

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Construction Machinery Oil Seal

Professional solutions to construction machinery oil seal problems - NNK oil seal

From small excavators to large mining shovels, we can provide a complete solution for many types of machinery.


Forklift and Excavator oil seal

Forklift and Excavator oil seal can contain fluids and also prevent debris from forklift or excavator components such as: water pumps, carburetor cylinders, hydraulic control valves, steering cylinders, wheels, brake hub master cylinders and wheels cylinder. Forklift oil seal and excavator oil seal are available in: Rubber, Polyurethane or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Materials are selected based on the pressure, work area temperature and fluid type required by the specific application.

Kit Type:

Swing oil seal

Boom oil seal

Dozer oil seal

Arm oil seal

Blade oil seal

Track Expansion oil seal


Forklift and Excavator

Forklift and Excavator are usually electric/hydraulic/cable driven. Divided into small, medium and giant heavy construction equipment. They have two parts, the bottom is the landing gear with tracks or wheels, and the top is the boom, bucket (or stick).

The movement and function of hydraulic forklift and excavator is accomplished by hydraulic fluid driven by hydraulic cylinders through hydraulic motors. Because of the linear drive of the hydraulic cylinders, they operate in a fundamentally different way than cable-operated excavators that use winches and wire ropes to accomplish their motion.


Excavators Types:

Compact excavator,Dragline excavator, Long reach excavator, Amphibious excavator, Power shovel, Steam shovel, Suction excavator, Walking excavator, Bucket-wheel excavator.


Forklift Type:

Internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and storage forklifts. Internal combustion forklifts are divided into ordinary internal combustion forklifts, heavy-duty forklifts, and container forklifts.

Hydraulic and fluid leaks that occur inside a forklift can be prevented with a quality seal kit. It can effectively prevent hydraulic failure and is very helpful to maintain the service life of the hydraulic system. These kits are disposable and can be completely replaced or repaired.


Oil seals for construction machinery (forklift and excavator oil seals, etc.) and NNK

Forklift oil seal and excavator oil seal can easily deteriorate due to high temperature and aging, and eventually fail because most parts of oil seal are made of rubber or plastic materials. Then, the modular strand will vulcanize and the seal kit will become rigid and inflexible. NNK has developed its own sealing solution through decades of research on sealing kits, combined with the use environment and material characteristics. Whether it's forklift oil seal, terminal tractor seals or boom lift oil seal, our products outlast the vast majority of products on the market. We use the best rubber and plastic to ensure a longer service life and not easy to age and deteriorate. NNK offers a wide range of oil seal for all types of forklift systems, and our stock of thousands of seals provides complete sealing solutions and parts for all types of equipment. If you have any seal kit questions, please contact us for assistance.

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