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Auto Oil Seal

In auto oil seal applications, lip seals secure the application from high pressures as they provide a tighter sealing action, automotive oil lip seals are available in a variety of configurations to support a wide range of industries and their different requirements . There are several types of oil lip seals. They are available in a variety of materials and sizes. They can be made with or without springs. The most commonly used oil lip seals include: External oil seal, Single oil seal, Dual oil seal, Flange Case oil seal, PTTE oil seal and more.If you have questions about car sealing, please contact us.


Auto Oil Seal Structure

The oil seal is generally composed of three basic components: sealing element, metal shell and clamping spring.Types of oil seals include single and double lips, rubber or polymer, metal housing, spring loaded, and internal, external and axial guides.

The purpose of the sealing element is to stop the leakage of fluid between the shaft and the housing. The metal housing will give rigidity and strength to the sealing element when it is held in a bore or recess. The spring will help make the sealing element more effective. All materials must be selected according to the environment in which the oil seal will be placed.


Auto oil Seal Features

1. Isolation of dust and prevention of leakage of hydraulic oil and gas.
2. Reciprocating operation to exclude contamination.
3. Double steel shell design, enhanced structure, enhanced ability to exclude dust, dirt and sludge.
4.Screw design to reduce friction, seal, exclude dust and protect axle and bearing from dust, grit, mud and other contamination.

Crankshaft front seal Super helix seal
Low-friction torque design
Fluorine rubber
Crankshaft rear seal Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)
Low-friction torque design
Fluorine rubber
Plug tube gasket High eccentricity-following lip shape
SIM method to prevent the spring from falling off (integral molding of spring and rubber)
ACM rubber or another
Valve stem seal Machining of lip surface (stable oil drip under pressure)
Fkm/viton rubber
Front pump input seal Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)
ACM rubber
Friction damper Rubber torque prevents gear rattling noise
Compact design
Fkm/viton rubber
Bonded piston seal Quick response (centrifugal hydraulic pressure canceling mechanism) throughout the rotation range
More compact thanks to the thin plate (uses a high-strength steel plate)
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber


Application Scope

Industrial machinery, industrial motors, vehicle starter motors, gearboxes, multi-purpose seals, tarsal joint absorbers, hydraulic cylinders, cylinders, air pressure bars, shafts on vehicles, drive shafts, agricultural spare parts, engine crankshafts, camshafts, starters, trailers, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, hubs of heavy machinery.

Available for Most Car Brands
BENZ / IVECO Brake Chamber Cup

We are NNK brand under NOK-CN, accept ODM and OEM. We have the ability to provide samples of disassembled products, develop molds, and carry out production. If you have any car oil seal problems, you are very welcome to leave us a message, we will arrange professional staff to communicate with you!

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