NNK 8-94121539-0 Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu Wheel Hub 39*68*9/15.5

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  • NOK-CN 8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5

  • NOK-CN 8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5

  • NOK-CN 8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5

  • NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Mitsubishi

NNK 8-94121539-0 Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu Wheel Hub 39*68*9/15.5

Any size and model can be customized, professional Isuzu manufacturers, if you need, Please contact us for price and usage of Isuzu auto oil seal or Isuzu truck oil seal.
1、NOK-CN 8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5;
2、NNK ISUZU OIL SEAL OEM:8-94121539-0 39*68*9/15.5;



Product Description

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu.

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Man

8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5

An oil seal, also known as crankshaft retainer, is a small device, but essential to ensure the proper engine operation. It plays a key role in all moving parts of an engine, acting as a physical barrier

It is generally used in the union of two lubricated parts, so that it hermetically seals both sides. Therefore, it guarantees the proper engine operation and helps to maintain the vehicle’s distribution system in better condition.

Several variables must be considered when selecting oil seals. The physical dimensions and materials will vary depending on the environment of use. In addition, oil seals must remain lightweight, compact, and exhibit high self-lubrication performance.

Most oil seals consist of some basic elements that configure their structure, such as the sealing element, the metal case, and the spring:

Operating conditions such as the engine’s temperature, position, size, pressure and shaft speed largely determine which individual oil seal composition is most suitable for every individual application.

NOK-CN 8-94121539-0 Rubber Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 39*68*9/15.5

Automotive seals, as the name implies, are used in vehicles. They are devices that are used to join systems together. It also prevents leakage, exclude contaminants, and contain pressure. There are different types of seals and they are used in induction sealing, heating, stuffing, and adhesion of parts.

The two major seals in your engine are the front and rear end oil seals, which are located at either end of the crankshaft, and connect to the flywheel at one end and the fan at the other.A sealing system in perfect working order prevents operating fluids such as fuels, transmission oils or lubricating oils from escaping and being released into the environment. Innovative technologies and sophisticated product solutions are ensuring efficient, safe and cost-effective engine running

Oil seals are used to protect shafts and bearings from ingress of dirt and foreign matter and egress of oil or grease. An oil seal generally consists of an outer circular metal part and an inner flexible member that does the actual sealing and is bonded to the metal part by chemical adhesive agents.

Unlike other seals used in different industries, automotive seals have excellent reliability, are long-lasting and extremely silent. They can survive heavy duty use and extreme vibrations attributed to a running engine. Without these seals, everything would fall apart. Seals allow the vehicle to function properly as well as to run. They are used in different applications not only in cars but also in motorcycles, ATVs, and off-road heavy machinery and equipment.

Seals are integral parts of the automotive industry. They are used in a variety of different applications. Seals may be small but they serve an even bigger and greater purpose in the integrity of the vehicle. Below are the functions of the seals in cars.

• They enclose the gas and liquid within the chamber. The gas tank contains seals that allow the vehicle to use up the fuel without wasting it. Hydraulic seals are also important for the movement of vehicle parts. Systems within the vehicle that uses hydraulic seals include suspensions and brakes.

• Stave off contaminants from crucial parts of the vehicle components. Seals keep away dust and other debris away from the engine and other important components of the vehicle.

• They keep liquids and gases separated from one another. There are many car parts that use liquids and gases to function properly. Examples include: the engine which keeps the coolant and engine oil, brakes for the brake fluid, and the reservoir to keep the power steering fluid to name a few.

• To protect bearings. Bearings are often filled with lubricants that protect the parts from corrosion, wear, and tear. The bearings need to be spotless, thus a contamination within it may cause the housing elements to experience premature failure. The seals protect the bearing by preventing dust and powder from entering the assembly.


Condition:    New

Size:  39*68*9/15.5

OEM:  8-94121539-0

Applications: Isuzu

Positions:    Front

Other Names:    Engine Crankshaft Seal, Oil Seal, Crankshaft, Front

Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu
NNK is the leader in Isuzu OEM parts and accessories. We have some of the lowest prices online and a highly knowledgeable and dedicated parts team.NNK is your leader for genuine OEM Isuzu Parts and Accessories. 
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Auto Oil seal structure

The oil seal is generally composed of three basic components: sealing element, metal shell and clamping spring.Types of oil seals include single and double lips, rubber or polymer, metal housing, spring loaded, and internal, external and axial guides.

Auto oil seal Features

Crankshaft front seal

• Super helix seal

• Low-friction torque design

• Fluorine rubber


Crankshaft rear seal

• Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)

• Low-friction torque design

• Fluorine rubber


Plug tube gasket

• High eccentricity-following lip shape

• SIM method to prevent the spring from falling off (integral molding of spring and rubber)

• ACM rubber or another


Valve stem seal

• Machining of lip surface (stable oil drip under pressure)

• Fkm/viton rubber


Front pump input seal

• Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)

• ACM rubber


Friction damper

• Rubber torque prevents gear rattling noise

• Compact design

• Fkm/viton rubber


Bonded piston seal

• Quick response (centrifugal hydraulic pressure canceling mechanism) throughout the rotation range

• More compact thanks to the thin plate (uses a high-strength steel plate)

• Hydrogenated nitrile rubber

Apply to

BENZ / IVECO Brake Chamber Cup






Approaching NOK-CN factory

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Mitsubishi

NNK belongs to NOK-CN factory, we have more than 150 employees and strong delivery capacity. Our technicians are experienced, we have been committed to the sealing industry for decades, and have independent research and development capabilities. Our metal shells are produced by ourselves, and the quality is guaranteed. Our rubbers are all imported materials, and each product is strictly tested.If you need please contact us.

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Man

Professional oil seal supplier and manufacturer for Isuzu auto oil seal and Isuzu truck oil seal.Please contact us for price and usage of Isuzu auto oil seal or Isuzu truck oil seal.

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