Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

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  • Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

  • Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

  • Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

1.High Pressure Oil Seal Tcn Ap1904f 32*52*11 Skeleton Oil Seal for Hydraulic Pump Excavator Parts;
2.Tcn Skeleton Seal for Hydraulic Pump Excavator Seal Parts High Pressure Oil Seal;
3.TCN AP1904F 32*52*11 OR 32X52X11 MM

Product Description

The working principle of the oil seal is to isolate the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts from the output parts to avoid oil leakage. TCN type belongs to inner skeleton outer rubber type oil seal.NNK is a brand of NOK-CN factory, all products use professional technology to ensure maximum sealing performance, due to its proven design and lip geometry, it is available in a wide range of operating conditions Consistent sealing ability. Stable over temperature and pressure fluctuations. Can be produced in a variety of materials (NBR, HNBR, FKM) to suit application requirements.Click here to contact us

High Pressure Oil Seal Tcn Ap1904f 32*52*11 Skeleton Oil Seal for Hydraulic Pump Excavator Parts

Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11


Product name : Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

Model NO.:TCN AP1904F 32*52*11
Application:Construction Machinery Spare Parts
Product Name:Tcn Oil Seal
Color:Customers Required
Transport Package:PE Bag + Carton Box
HS Code:8487900000

Product Type

20*47*7mm TCV fkm NBR hydraulic rubber oil seal for hydraulic pump moto


20*47*7mm TCV fkm NBR hydraulic rubber oil seal for hydraulic pump moto

TCN Hot Selling Model List

Sizes Item OEM No. Material
17-35-8 TCN  AP0760E NBR/FKM
20-35-8 TCN  AP1013E NBR/FKM
20-40-11 TCN  AP1033I NBR/FKM
22-42-10 TCN  AP1147F NBR/FKM
22-42-11 TCN  AP1148F NBR/FKM
24-40-8 TCN  AP1260E NBR/FKM
25-45-11 TCN  AP1338F NBR/FKM
28-48-11 TCN  AP1563J NBR/FKM
30-42-7 TCN  AP1665E NBR/FKM
30-50-11 TCN  AP1709H NBR/FKM
32-52-11 TCN  AP1904F NBR/FKM
34-54-11 TCN  AP1978G NBR/FKM
35-55-11 TCN  AP2085G NBR/FKM
35-55-11 TCN  AP2085A NBR/FKM
35-55-12 TCN  AP2086F NBR/FKM
35-55-9 TCN  AP2083G NBR/FKM
38-58-11 TCN  AP2240G NBR/FKM
40-62-11 TCN  AP2388E NBR/FKM
40-60-12 TCN  AP2379F NBR/FKM
40-62-12 TCN  AP2390Q NBR/FKM
42-65-12 TCN  AP2507H NBR/FKM
45-65-12 TCN  AP2659E NBR/FKM
45-68-12 TCN  AP2668G NBR/FKM
48-62-9 TCN  AP2775G NBR/FKM
48-70-12 TCN  AP2791G NBR/FKM
50-72-12 TCN  AP2864I NBR/FKM
52-75-12 TCN  AP2967J NBR/FKM
52-75-9/3 TCN  AP2965E NBR/FKM
55-78-12 TCN  AP3055F NBR/FKM
58-80-12 TCN  AP3154H NBR/FKM
60-82-12 TCN  AP3222B NBR/FKM
62-85-12 TCN  AP3297G NBR/FKM
65-90-13 TCN  AP3409F NBR/FKM
68-90-14 TCN  AP3461E NBR/FKM
70-95-13 TCN  AP3527B NBR/FKM
75-100-13 TCN  AP3618G NBR/FKM
80-105-13 TCN  AP3744K NBR/FKM
85-110-13 TCN  AP3842H NBR/FKM
90-115-13 TCN  AP3932B NBR/FKM
95-120-13 TCN  AP3994B NBR/FKM
100-125-13 TCN  AP4063B NBR/FKM
105-135-14 TCN  AP4153H NBR/FKM
110-140-14 TCN  AP4212B NBR/FKM
115-145-14 TCN  AP4282G NBR/FKM
120-150-14 TCN  AP4346B NBR/FKM
125-155-14 TCN  AP4399E NBR/FKM
130-160-14 TCN  AP4451G NBR/FKM
135-165-14 TCN  AP4498E NBR/FKM
140-170-14 TCN  AP4542F NBR/FKM
145-175-14 TCN  AP4581G NBR/FKM
150-180-14 TCN  AP4624G NBR/FKM
160-190-16 TCN  AP4713G NBR/FKM
170-200-16 TCN  AP4795F NBR/FKM
35-60-15 TCN  AP4561E NBR/FKM
44.45-63.55-9.5 TCN  UP0445E NBR/FKM
34.925-57.15-8.85 TCN  UP0449E NBR/FKM
33.34-72.39-9.5 TCN  UP0450E NBR/FKM
38.15-57.15-9.5 TCN  UP0234E NBR/FKM


Approaching NOK-CN factory

Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11

The NNK brand always aims to produce excellent products and provide high-quality services, insist on using the best raw materials, and follow the strictest quality measures from production control to packaging, in order to continuously produce excellent tensile strength, compression deformation rate, temperature resistance and Pressure resistant seals. At present, NNK's products are widely used in automobiles, high-speed rail, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks and other industries, and have won a good market reputation.

Ap1904f TCN High Pressure Oil Seal 32*52*11



Why use oil seals?

1、Origin of oil seal

Oil seals, also known as shaft seals, because hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes and other related components have always had the problem of oil and grease and other media leaking along the rotating shaft.The oil seal came into being.

2、The role of the oil seal

Oil seals are used to close the space between stationary and moving parts in machinery and also help prevent lubricants from escaping the system. Prevent pollutants from entering in harsh working environment of high temperature and high pressure.

3、Oil seal structure

The oil seal is generally composed of three basic components: sealing element, metal shell and clamping spring. Types of oil seals include single and double lips, rubber or polymer, metal housing, spring loaded, and internal, external and axial guides.


Why use NOK-CN factory-made oil seals?

1、For the factory

We are an honest oil seal supplier. We have very good expertise, experienced technicians, new good equipment, strict inspection procedures, durability and performance seal testing, PPAP level IIl submission. Strict process control, international standard high-quality products and affordable prices. The strength factory has more than 150 workers, strong delivery capacity, we provide you with the best after-sales service.

2、For products

NNK is committed to the best raw materials, and uses advanced technology and equipment to solve oil seal problems for customers. Our products not only ensure the sealing effect, but also minimize the friction force. The service life is longer than the average service life of oil seals. less loss.

3、About production

A: Existing molds: 30 days, depending on ordering quantity.

New Molds: 60 days, depending on ordering quantity.

Samples Submission: 21-28 days with existing toolings.

We are NNK brand under NOK-CN, accept ODM and OEM. We have the ability to provide samples of disassembled products, develop molds, and carry out production


20*47*7mm TCV fkm NBR hydraulic rubber oil seal for hydraulic pump moto

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