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  • NNK Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack

  • NNK Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack

  • HA1084 Power steering seals for steering rack 30*41*6.5

  • BP5608F, BP5608E Power Steering Oil Seal for Toyota 26*44*8.5

  • Bp4927f 25.5*42.5*8 Power Steering Rack Seal for Toyota Scjy High Pressure Rack Power Seal

  • BP5608F, BP5608E Power Steering Oil Seal for Toyota 26*44*8.5

NNK Power Steering Oil Seal

We have any model and any size of power steering oil seal, Our power steering oil seals have a complete range of models, quality assurance, NBR80-90. If you are interested,welcome to contact us.Welcome to download the product catalog, welcome to consult product details.

Product Description

30-48-8 Power Steering Oil Seal for Toyota SCJY/Cnb / Gnb Tcl Scvt / Tc4P TYPE

Product introduction

Any Size Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack High Pressure Rack Power Seal.

You can also have an oil leak under your car if it feels stiff when you turn the steering wheel, the hood makes weird noises. Then it's very likely that your power steering oil seal is leaking. We should check the oil level of the power steering oil monthly to ensure that the oil level is appropriate and will not affect the normal operation of the power steering system. Using a good quality power steering oil seal can prevent these leakage problems.

product details

Size:Any size can be customized
Brand Name:NNK
Material: NBR 80°~90°
1.The inner diameter retaining ring design has strong compressive ability and is not easy to deform and fail.
2.The lip spiral design, to return the oil to the oil side, prevent oil leakage, reduce friction and temperature rise. The auxiliary lip can prevent the main lip from reversing.
3.Bonded rubber to metal design ensures hardness and ensures good sealing performance.

The "Power Steering Oil Seal" is applied to the power steering system of automobiles, which can prevent dust, sediment and water from entering the steering system, and at the same time keep the gears lubricated to ensure the normal operation of the power steering system. The inner diameter back support ring design enhances the pressure resistance of the oil seal. The oil return groove design on the lip part sends the sealing oil body back to the oil side without oil leakage, and can reduce friction and temperature rise.

Features of Power Steering Oil Seals:

There are two types of Power steering oil seal, one is a rotary seal installed on the steering shaft, and the other is a reciprocating seal installed on the power cylinder rack shaft.

NNK pinion shaft seals:

Rotary seal mounted on steering shaft to prevent leakage and maintain lubrication.

The bonded rubber-to-metal design ensures strength while providing an excellent seal.

The secondary lip prevents the primary lip from inverting.

NNK rack shaft seals:

Reciprocating seal mounted on the power cylinder rack shaft.

The composite design of the metal shell and the support ring ensures the sealing performance under high pressure.

Integrated support ring, with strong pressure resistance.

Hydrodynamic helix for reduced friction and heat generation and longer seal life.

Material: nitrile rubber/hydrogenated nitrile rubber


30-48-8 Power Steering Oil Seal for Toyota SCJY/Cnb / Gnb Tcl Scvt / Tc4P TYPE


NNK and power steering seal

29.5*46*8 Power Steering Oil Seal High Pressure Rack Power Seal SCJY/Cnb / Gnb Tcl Scvt / Tc4P TYPE

The NNK brand belongs to the NOK-CN factory and is committed to providing power steering seals for reciprocating rack shafts and rotary steering shafts. In terms of sealing hydraulic oil, both pressure resistance and sealing performance have demonstrated excellent quality. Through the design of the inner diameter retaining ring, the pressure resistance of the oil seal is enhanced.

The lip spiral design makes the oil return to the oil side, preventing oil leakage, reducing friction and heating. Rotary and reciprocating, play a role in ensuring the normal operation of the power steering system. NNK power steering oil seals maintain the normal operation of the power steering system with long service life and good use effect.If you have power steering seal questions, please contact us.

25*43*8 Power Steering Rack Seak for Mazda High Pressure Rack Power Seal SCJY/Cnb / Gnb Tcl Scvt / Tc4P TYPE

Stock model table
19*29*7/8 28*41*8.5 28*38*7 24*42.5*9/10
32.7*42.7*6.5 27*38*8.5 19*38.1*7/7.8 20*38.5*8
30*48*8 22*32*8 26*34*4.5/7 23*38.2*8.5
18*30*6.4/7 26*35.5*6/6.35 20*37*7 25*44*8.5
18.75*30*5/7.3 19*38*7/7.8 26*35*5.8/6.3 28*48*8
26*38*6.5/7 29*42*8.5 27.7*46*9/10 26*38*7
27*38*5.5 30*42*8.5 27.7*42*9/10 30*46*8
19*32*7/7.8 23*34.2*38*8 26*42*8.5 25*42.5*8
24*42*8 24*35*8.5 26*42.5*8.5 35*56*8
24*40*8 24*37*8.5 27*40*8.5 24*37.5*8.5
27*41*8.5 25*38*8 30*47*9 25.5*39*8.5
27*44*8.5 27.7*42*8.5 32*48*8.5 27.5*44*7
35*53*8 27.7*40*8.5 25*42.5*8.5 31.5*44.5*8.5
19*32*6/7 35*50*8 28*46*8.5 24*38*7
25*38*7/7.8 30*50*8.5 26*38*6.5 20*42.5*7
25*38*7/7.8 35*56*8 19.05*34.6*6.28/9 23.35*29.75*4.5
25*38*7/7.8 35*50*8 23.5*29.9*4.5 25*41.5*7.5
24*38*8 19*30*5/6 23*34.3*6.35 25.5*42.5*8.5
24*41*8.5 28*37*5 27*44*8.5 30*50*9/10
26*44*8 28*44*7 27*41*8.5 24*41*12.5
30*46*8 27.5*39.6*7 25*43*8 24*36.5*12
27.96*40*8 19.05*34.6*6.28/9 30*46*8 26*41*8.5
28*38*7/7.5 27.7*38*8.5 25*35*7 31*50*8.5
23.36*29.75*4/6 23.5*39*8.5 25*35*3.2/6.4 25*44*8.5
20*40*7 23.5*37*8.5 24*38.2*8.5 25*42*8.5
18*32*6/7 32*50*8.5 24*36*8.5 24*36.5*9/10
19*35*5/5.5 24*43*8.5 24*36*7 22*35*9/10
26*38*6.5/7 24*39*8.5 20*32*8 27*46*8.5
25*37.5*7 25*38*6.3 38*51*8.5 25*43*8
22*37*7.5/9.5 23*39*8.5 26*45*8.5 26*38*8.5
17*30*6/6.5 29*43*7 26.5*44*8 20*42.5*6/7
21*33*8/9.5 27.5*38*7/9 22*35*8.5 19*38*7/8
23.3*37.5*6 28*38*7/9 22*36*7 25*38*7/8
28*48*8 26*37*7 28*42*8.5 32*44*8/9.5
30*42.5*8 24.5*38*6.3 32*46*8.5 23*34*6.5
24*42.5*8 23*37*8.5 28*38*7 20*36*7
22*38*8 32*44.5*8.5 25*39*8 33*43*6.5/7.5
22*32*7 27.7*39*8.5 24*36*5.4/6.1 32*44.5*7
24*33*5/5.5 29*43*7/7.5 24*36*7/7.4 25*42.5*12.5
26*38*9/10 19.5*30*5/6 18.75*29*7/7.9 28*38.3*7.5
22*37*9 36*50.5*9.5 19.05*34.6*6.3/7.3 25*38*8.5
30*42*7/7.5 35*61*9 30*41*6.5 28*41*8.5
20*30*5.5/6 26*48*8.5 17*31*7.9 32*56*8.5
26*38*8.5 23.5*36.5*8 18*34*7.9 26*46*8.5
26*44*8.5 28*39.64*6.5 27.7*40*9/10 18*29*7/8
35*47*7 26*47*8.5 30*50*9/10 25*40*6.5*7.5
27*37*3.5/7 20*35.5*6.5/7 36*57*8.5 25*40*8.5
25.5*41.1*8 19.5*39.7*6.5 22*34*8 26*43*8.5
24*29.7*4 25.5*44*8.5 32*49*8.5 22*38.2*8
28*38*6.5/7 27*43*8.5 29.5*46*8 32*41*6
25*38*7/8 26.85*36.9*3.5/7 32*54*8.5 35*47*8/9.2
44.7*35*6.3 36*44*5 17*32*8 44.7*35*6.3

29.5*46*8 Power Steering Oil Seal High Pressure Rack Power Seal SCJY/Cnb / Gnb Tcl Scvt / Tc4P TYPE


1.Why more and more customers choose us?
a. We are specialized in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality seals. Choose us is to choose the rest assured.
b.We mainly produces various types, specifications, models of the seals of high precision mechanical components. We have all the specifications of what you need to help you achieve one-stop shopping, save time, effort and worry.
c.We has long been a domestic and international numerous oil seal mould supply business of manufacturer, service for 15 years, we have professional talents and product research and development equipment, our research and development ability, is the domestic first-class oil seal manufacturer home.
d. We provide one-stop sealing solutions, and provide a full range of services, from product design, mold development, stamping skeleton, vulcanization molding, clip, screening and packaging,. The entire process would take a shorter, more stable quality.
2. What is your packing?
a. Paper roller: 10pcs in one roller, 200 rollers in one carton
b. PP bag: 50 or 100pcs in one bag,15 or 30 bags in one carton
c. Box: 1pc to a box
d. According to customer's request.
3.Date of Delivery
a. 1-2 days if goods in stock.
b. 10-15 days if goods out of stock with molding.
c. 25-30 days if goods out of stock without molding.
4.Payment Term:
a. 30% T/T in advance and 70% balance paid before shipment.
b. West union/ Money Gram
c. Paypal
d. others for discussion
5. Can you produce according to the samples?
a. We accept ODM and OEM at the same time.We have the ability to provide the sample of the products of decomposition, develop the mould, for production.
6. How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
a. We will continue to improve the process control, and improve the quality of our products and work to reduce operating costs and provide a competitive price for customers, to ensure that customers benefit
b. We seriously treat every customer, in good faith with them to do business, make friends, no matter how much volume, we will provide 

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