NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26 Oil Seal

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  • NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

  • NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

  • NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

  • NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

  • NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Mitsubishi

NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26 Oil Seal

Any size and model can be customized, professional Isuzu manufacturers, if you need, Please contact us for price and usage of Isuzu auto oil seal or Isuzu truck oil seal.
NNK factory accepts customized oil seals of any type, specializing in the production of oil seals.NNK Replacing Rear Front Crankshaft Seal。Front Crankshaft Seal,Rear Crankshaft Seal,Oil Seal For Auto Car ISUZU



Product Description

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu.

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Man


NNK HTA29R Auto part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26
Description:   HTA29R Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu 80*136*10/26 

Size: 80*136*10/26
Used for: Auto Parts Accessories
Material of seal: NBR / FKM /HMBR / ACM / MVQ / EPDM / SBR / PTFE / FIBER
Package: Plastic bag & carton box or according to your requirements.
Standard and non-standard: Standard
Temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃(NBR) -20℃~250℃(FKM)


NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26
Auto Parts Oil Seal for Isuzu
NNK is the leader in Isuzu OEM parts and accessories. We have some of the lowest prices online and a highly knowledgeable and dedicated parts team.NNK is your leader for genuine OEM Isuzu Parts and Accessories. 
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NNK HTA29R Auto Part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

NNK HTA29R Auto part Rubber Gearbox For ISUZU NBR FKM 80*136*10/26

The two major seals in your engine are the front and rear end oil seals, which are located at either end of the crankshaft, and connect to the flywheel at one end and the fan at the other.

Auto Oil seal structure

The oil seal is generally composed of three basic components: sealing element, metal shell and clamping spring.Types of oil seals include single and double lips, rubber or polymer, metal housing, spring loaded, and internal, external and axial guides.

Auto oil seal Features

Crankshaft front seal

• Super helix seal

• Low-friction torque design

• Fluorine rubber


Crankshaft rear seal

• Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)

• Low-friction torque design

• Fluorine rubber


Plug tube gasket

• High eccentricity-following lip shape

• SIM method to prevent the spring from falling off (integral molding of spring and rubber)

• ACM rubber or another


Valve stem seal

• Machining of lip surface (stable oil drip under pressure)

• Fkm/viton rubber


Front pump input seal

• Super helix seal (seal with one-way two-step screw)

• ACM rubber


Friction damper

• Rubber torque prevents gear rattling noise

• Compact design

• Fkm/viton rubber


Bonded piston seal

• Quick response (centrifugal hydraulic pressure canceling mechanism) throughout the rotation range

• More compact thanks to the thin plate (uses a high-strength steel plate)

• Hydrogenated nitrile rubber

Apply to

BENZ / IVECO Brake Chamber Cup







Model type:

NO. OEM TYPE SIZE Application Category
1   HTCL 128*148*14 ISUZU Oil Seal
2   HTCL 105*135*15 ISUZU Oil Seal
3     101.6*135*13/147 ISUZU Oil Seal
4   TC 40*56*6.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
5   TC 100*135*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
6     70*92*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
7 8-97071561-1   95*118*13 ISUZU Oil Seal
8 8-97049145-0   50*68*9 ISUZU Oil Seal
9     95*118*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
10     60*82*12 ISUZU Oil Seal
11 8-97602379-0   109*139*13 ISUZU Oil Seal
12 8-97329780-0   104*137*14 ISUZU Oil Seal
13   SPTC 57*82*6.7/12.7 ISUZU Oil Seal
14   TB29 59*75*9/11.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
15   TA 78*115*10/19.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
16   HTCL 100*118*9 ISUZU Oil Seal
17   HTCL 104*139*12 ISUZU Oil Seal
18   SCA2K 104*139*13 ISUZU Oil Seal
19   TA2 117.5*174*16/28 ISUZU Oil Seal
20   VC 11*17*8/7.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
21   TC 15*28*7 ISUZU Oil Seal
22   TCA 28*58.7*10.5/15 ISUZU Oil Seal
23   TCA 30*61.2*9/14 ISUZU Oil Seal
24   HTCL 35*49.2*12.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
25   SC 49*100*8/9.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
26   KA 49*62.5*77.5*13 ISUZU Oil Seal
27 1-09325-006-0 TA2 75*112*10/17.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
28 1-09625-017-0 HTB 68*124*11.527 ISUZU Oil Seal
29 1-09625-030-0 HTB29R 80*143*10/37 ISUZU Oil Seal
30 1-09625-041-0 TB2 120*140*10.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
31 1-09625-043-0 TA 95*132*12/21.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
32 1-09625-047-0 TB 60*103*12/20 ISUZU Oil Seal
33 1-09625-051-0 HTCL 120*153*15*18 ISUZU Oil Seal
34 1-09625-063-0 TB 68*124*11.5/27 ISUZU Oil Seal
35 1-09625-080-0 TC 70*92*12/18 ISUZU Oil Seal
36 1-09625-129-0 SA 85*128*11/21 ISUZU Oil Seal
37 1-09625-129-0 TA2 85*126*11/21 ISUZU Oil Seal
38 1-09625-133-0 TC 25*45*11 ISUZU Oil Seal
77 8-94107-568-0 TCL 100*135*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
78 8-94128-784-0 TC 16.85*27*6/7.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
79 8-94214-912-0 TC 40*56*7 ISUZU Oil Seal
80 8-94214-913-0 TCL 95*118*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
81 8-94215-220-0 TC 30*45*8 ISUZU Oil Seal
82 8-94156-589-0 TC 15*32*7.5/9 ISUZU Oil Seal
83 8-94178-227-0 SBLR 51*72*95 ISUZU Oil Seal
84 89421-9120 TCR 40*56*7 ISUZU Oil Seal
85 8-94214-913-0 TCL 95*118*10 ISUZU Oil Seal
86 8-94248-520-0 TBR 40*74*10/19.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
87 8-94223-026-0 TCL 35*49.21*12.7 ISUZU Oil Seal
88 8-94228-545-0 TB 120*31*7 ISUZU Oil Seal
89 8-94245-152-0 TC 40*52/62*8/15 ISUZU Oil Seal
90 8-94248-116-0 TB 63*80*8 ISUZU Oil Seal
91 8-94248-117-0 TB 72*90*8 ISUZU Oil Seal
92 8-94248117-1 TB 73*90*8.2 ISUZU Oil Seal
93 8*94257-318-0   33*55*9.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
94 8-94318-520-0 TBL 40*74*9.5/15.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
95 8-94318-909-0 TB2 248*70*12 ISUZU Oil Seal
96 8-94318-910 TB 33*55*9.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
97 8-94373-765 TC 60*82*12 ISUZU Oil Seal
98 8-94373-7650 HTCR 60*82*12 ISUZU Oil Seal
99 8-94334-845-0 HTCR 30*45*8 ISUZU Oil Seal
100 8-943363172   49*99.5*8 ISUZU Oil Seal
101 8-94339-997-0 HTCR 40*56*6.5 ISUZU Oil Seal
102 8-94326441-0 TC 27*43*8.8 ISUZU Oil Seal
103 8-94326-441-0 HTCR 27*43*9 ISUZU Oil Seal

Types of Automotive Seals

There are a lot of seals that the automotive industry use but there are two types of seals that are commonly used. These seals have also found their way into other industries. Below are the different types of automotive seals that also have mechanical applications.


O-rings are made from elastomeric materials. They function by sealing two adjacent surfaces thus keeping the liquids contained from within a particular system. They are designed to take on extreme pressure and temperature as well as corrosive gases and liquids. They are designed to have a contact with the sealing face. It is very flexible. Thus, allowing it to accommodate any imperfections on the mounting surfaces.

It is considered as one of the most common type of seals used in machines as they are cheap and very easy to manufacture. They are also very reliable and have simple requirements, making the mounting process less complicated. Also called toric joint or packing, O-rings also have mechanical applications especially where relative motion between parts are involves. They are used to contain pressure and fluid. O-rings are used in vacuum applications to keep the pressure in check. They are also used to prevent leaks in pumps.


Lathe cut seals are used similarly with O-rings. They are made from a rubber tubing that has been inserted with a mandrel to cut the desired dimension. They provide more cost-performance benefits especially when static seal is needed. Unlike O-rings, lathe-cut seals provide wider surface for sealing thus making it more resistant against compression. They are also less expensive making them great for high volume gaskets.


This type of seal is used in rotating shafts. The lip provides a seal from a low-pressure chamber. It is installed in the pressure source and it balloons out to provide tight sealing. They are used in motors as well as reversible motors. They are also used in devices that need to maintain vacuum conditions to preclude dirt and contamination for entering.


Packing is a type of woven fiber that are packed between parts that needed to be sealed. This type of packing can be dynamic or static. It functions as a rotating shaft seal and gasket in different types of application. It is placed in a bore and compressed by a flange in automotive parts. It can also be used to seal a pump. In fact, industries like the paper manufacturing and milling use packing seals to prevent leaks.

Seals are created to prevent leaks. There are different types of leaks that are used in different industries but it is important to take note that even if they are designed to cater to the automotive industry, they have profound mechanical applications.

For more information on a variety of engineered rubber and plastic sealants, machinery devices, laboratory testing, and design engineering, contact Real Seal.

Approaching NOK-CN factory

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Mitsubishi

NNK belongs to NOK-CN factory, we have more than 150 employees and strong delivery capacity. Our technicians are experienced, we have been committed to the sealing industry for decades, and have independent research and development capabilities. Our metal shells are produced by ourselves, and the quality is guaranteed. Our rubbers are all imported materials, and each product is strictly tested.If you need please contact us.

NNK Auto Parts Oil Seal for Man

Professional oil seal supplier and manufacturer for Isuzu auto oil seal and Isuzu truck oil seal.Please contact us for price and usage of Isuzu auto oil seal or Isuzu truck oil seal.

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