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TC rubber oil seal NOK-CN factory

NOK-CN is a professional TC oil seal supplier, providing thousands of models. NOK-CN factory has been doing oil seals for decades, and the research on TC oil seals is very thorough. Our rubber has good ductility and strong ductility, and the metal shell is thick and does not deform. Coupled with the professional vulcanization process, our TC oil seals have good sealing performance.

Product Description

TC oil seal is a mechanical element used to seal oil,  One side has the sealing medium, and the other side has the oil seal used in the case of slight dust.Which can isolate lubricating parts and output parts and prevent the leakage of lubricating oil in the transmission part. The TC oil seal is an oil seal with a metal shell completely wrapped by rubber, with a self-tightening spring and an additional anti-pollution sealing lip.NNK is a brand of NOK-CN factory, all products adopt professional technology to ensure maximum sealing performance while reducing friction to meet the high quality requirements of tc oil seals.

TC rubber oil seal NOK-CN factory


Product details

TC oil seal can be divided into different objects, such as rear wheel oil seal, half shaft oil seal, transmission shaft oil seal. It is widely used in the occasions of oil cylinders and cylinders.

TC rubber oil seal NOK-CN factory


Good wear resistance, tear resistance, good bending strength;

Good elasticity and high tension;

Moderate high temperature resistance (-30 degrees ~ 260 degrees);

Large adjustable range of hardness (Shore 80A-95A);

Not easy to deform and age;

Oil and corrosion resistance, good solvent resistance, high mechanical strength and long service life;

Excellent ozone resistance and aging resistance;

Non-toxic, in line with environmental protection requirements.



stock model
TC50*72*8 TC65*85*10 TC108*140*12
TC50*72*7 TC68*85*12 TC108*140*14
TC50*72*5 TC68*85*10 TC110*140*16
TC52*72*12 TC68*85*8 TC110*140*15
TC52*72*10 TC69*85*10 TC110*140*14
TC52*72*9 TC70*85*12 TC110*140*13
TC52*72*8 TC70*85*10 TC110*140*12
TC52*72*7 TC70*85*8 TC110*140*10
TC53*72*10 TC70*85*7 TC115*140*16
TC53*72*8 TC75*85*10 TC115*140*15
TC54*72*8 TC60*86*10 TC115*140*14
TC54*72*10 TC56*88*8 TC115*140*13
TC55*72*12 TC63*88*12 TC115*140*12
TC55*72*10 TC65*88*8 TC115*140*10
TC55*72*9 TC65*88*10 TC118*140*12
TC55*72*8 TC65*88*12 TC120*140*15
TC55*72*7 TC65*88*13 TC120*140*14
TC56*72*8 TC68*88*12 TC120*140*13
TC58*72*12 TC68*88*10 TC120*140*12
TC58*72*10 TC70*88*12 TC120*140*10
TC58*72*9 TC70*88*10 TC120*140*8
TC58*72*8 TC70*88*8 TC125*140*14
TC58*72*7 VC70*88*7 TC125*140*12
TC60*72*12 TC71*88*8 TC125*140*10
TC60*72*10 TC70*89*8 TC90*145*14
TC60*72*9 TC79*89*5 TC90*145*12
TC60*72*8 TC90*115*15 TC95*145*14
TC60*72*7 TC90*115*13 TC95*145*13
TC43*73*10 TC90*115*12 TC95*145*12
TC50*73*10 TC90*115*10 TC95*145*10
TC55*73*10 TC90*115*9 TC100*145*14
TC52*75*12 TC90*115*8 TC100*145*12
TC52*75*10 TC93*115*13 TC105*145*16
TC52*75*9 TC95*115*13 TC105*145*15
TC52*75*8 TC95*115*12 TC105*145*14
TC53*75*12 TC95*115*10 TC105*145*13
TC54*75*10 TC95*115*8 TC105*145*12
TC54*75*8 TC105*115*8 TC110*145*15
TC55*75*12 TC100*115*12 TC110*145*14
TC55*75*10 TC100*115*10 TC110*145*12
TC55*75*9 TC100*115*9 TC115*145*14
TC55*75*8 TC90*118*12 TC115*145*13
TC55*75*7 TC95*118*10 TC115*145*12
TC56*75*8 TC100*118*12 TC120*145*15
TC57*75*12 TC100*118*10 TC120*145*14
TC58*75*12 TC55*120*12 TC120*145*12
TC58*75*10 TC60*120*12 TC120*145*10
TC58*75*9 TC62*120*12 TC125*145*14
TC58*75*8 TC65*120*13 TC125*145*14
TC59*75*9 TC65*120*12 TC125*145*12
TC60*75*12 TC65*120*10 TC120*146*12
TC60*75*10 TC65*120*8 TC127*146*10
TC60*75*9 TC70*120*13 TC132*146*7
TC60*75*8 TC70*120*12 TC70*150*12
TC60*75*7 TC70*120*10 TC80*150*12
TC62*75*12 TC75*120*13 TC85*150*14
TC62*75*10 TC75*120*12 TC85*150*12
TC62*75*8 TC75*120*10 TC90*150*12
TC65*75*12 TC80*120*13 TC90*150*14
TC65*75*10 TC80*120*12 TC95*150*12
TC65*75*8 TC80*120*10 TC210*240*15
TC65*75*7 TC82*120*12 TC215*240*15
TC65*75*6 TC85*120*15 TC215*240*12
TC57*85*10 TC85*120*13 TC220*240*18
TC58*85*12 TC85*120*12 TC180*230*18
TC58*85*10 TC85*120*10 TC180*230*15
TC58*85*8 TC85*120*8 TC185*230*15
TC60*85*13 TC88*120*13 TC190*230*18
TC60*85*12 TC88*120*12 TC190*230*16
TC60*85*10 TC90*120*15 TC190*230*15
TC60*85*8 TC90*120*14 TC190*230*13
TC60*85*7 TC90*120*13 TC195*230*16
TC62*85*13 TC90*120*12 TC195*230*15
TC62*85*12 TC90*120*10 TC200*230*18
TC62*85*10 TC90*120*8 TC200*230*16
TC62*85*9 TC92*120*12 TC200*230*15
TC62*85*8 TC100*140*14 TC200*230*13
TC62*85*7 TC100*140*13 TC200*230*12
TC63*85*10 TC100*140*12 TC205*230*15
TC64*85*10 TC100*140*10 TC200*235*18
TC64*85*12 TC105*140*15 TC200*235*16
TC65*85*12 TC105*140*14 TC200*235*15
TC65*85*13 TC105*140*13 TC54*80*11
TC65*85*10 TC105*140*12 TC60*78*8
TC65*85*8 TC105*140*10 TC60*80*5


NOK-CN is a professional TC oil seal supplier, providing thousands of models. Please contact us if you need other models.

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