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  • Seal TC Type 95*125*13 TG Oil Seal Online

  • NNK TG4 NBR/FKM skeleton Oil Seal

  • High Quality TG4 Rubber NBR/FKM Oil Seal

  • NNK TG4 NBR/FKM skeleton Oil Seal

  • NNK TG4 NBR/FKM skeleton Oil Seal

95*125*13 TG Oil Seal, Seal TC Type

TG4 oil seal is a general-purpose improved oil seal. Can replace TC, TB, VB, VC, SB, TC4, DKB and other oil seals. Internal design with 3 lips, good sealing performance. TG has a special corrugated outer diameter design.Particularly suitable for applications where the housing material is subject to high thermal expansion.



Product Description

Seal TC Type 95*125*13 TG Oil Seal Online

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Product details:

Product name:95*125*13(95x125x13) TC TG4 Shaft Oil Seal

Type: TG4 oil seal



Both TC oil seals and TG4 oil seals belong to skeleton oil seals. The structure of the TC oil seal and the TC4 oil seal belong to the outer covering of rubber, the inner skeleton and the spring. The TC oil seal belongs to the lip seal ring of the rotating shaft, and the TG4 oil seal belongs to the seal ring for reciprocating motion.

TG4 oil seal is a general-purpose improved oil seal. Can replace TC, TB, VB, VC, SB, TC4, DKB and other oil seals. Internal design with 3 lips, good sealing performance. TG has a special corrugated outer diameter design. Particularly suitable for applications where the housing material is subject to high thermal expansion, i.e. aluminium housings.

TG4 模板




according to size






Any size


Automobile,motorcycle crankshaft,

camshaft,differentialshock absorber,

engine,axle,front and rear wheels, etc.


black, brown, red,  etc.

Feature High temperature resistance, acid and
alkali resistance,wear resistance

NNK TG4 NBR/FKM skeleton Oil Seal

Product advantages:

TG4 oil seal is a typical representative of the skeleton oil seal. Generally speaking, the oil seal refers to the skeleton oil seal. The function of the skeleton oil seal is generally to isolate the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to leak the lubricating oil. The skeleton is like the steel bars in the concrete member, which acts as a reinforcement and enables the oil seal to maintain its shape and tension. The TG4 oil seal has a three-lip structure inside, which is better in sealing and dustproof than the TC oil seal. Widely used in gasoline engine crankshafts, diesel engine crankshafts, gearboxes, differentials, shock absorbers, engines, axles and other parts.

NNK is a brand of NOK-CN factory, all products adopt professional technology to ensure maximum sealing performance while reducing friction to meet the high quality requirements of TG4 oil seals



NNK 85*110*12 TG4 TC NBR/FKM Shaft skeleton Oil Seal with Spring

Product Type

TG4 High temperature Skeleton Oil Seal with Spring Steel FKM Fluorine Gasket


    TG4 oil seal 25*45*5 TG4 oil seal 72*96*10
TG4 oil seal 5.5*16*8 TG4 oil seal 25*45*7 TG4 oil seal 72*100*10
TG4 oil seal 6*12*8 TG4 oil seal 25*45*8 TG4 oil seal 72*100*12
TG4 oil seal 6*13*8 TG4 oil seal 25*45*9 TG4 oil seal 72*100*13
TG4 oil seal 6*15*4 TG4 oil seal 25*45*10 TG4 oil seal 72*105*10
TG4 oil seal 6*15*7 TG4 oil seal 25*45*11 TG4 oil seal 72*105*12
TG4 oil seal 6*16*5 TG4 oil seal 25*45*12 TG4 oil seal 72*105*13
TG4 oil seal 6*16*7 TG4 oil seal 25*46*7 TG4 oil seal 72*105*15
TG4 oil seal 6*17*7 TG4 oil seal 25*46*10 TG4 oil seal 72*110*12
TG4 oil seal 6*18*6 TG4 oil seal 25*47*5 TG4 oil seal 72*110*13
TG4 oil seal 6*18*7 TG4 oil seal 25*47*6 TG4 oil seal 73*90*7
TG4 oil seal 6*19*7 TG4 oil seal 25*47*7 TG4 oil seal 73*90*7.5
TG4 oil seal 6*20*5.5 TG4 oil seal 25*47*8 TG4 oil seal 73*95*7
TG4 oil seal 6*22*7 TG4 oil seal 25*47*10 TG4 oil seal 73*95*12
TG4 oil seal 6*22*8 TG4 oil seal 25*47*12 TG4 oil seal 73*97*12
TG4 oil seal 6*25*6 TG4 oil seal 25*48*7 TG4 oil seal 73*98*12
TG4 oil seal 6*25*8 TG4 oil seal 25*48*8 TG4 oil seal 73*100*14.5
TG4 oil seal 6*26*7 TG4 oil seal 25*48*9 TG4 oil seal 73.03*90.5*12
TG4 oil seal 6.5*14.5*7 TG4 oil seal 25*48*10 TG4 oil seal 74*90*10
TG4 oil seal 7*14*4 TG4 oil seal 25*48*11 TG4 oil seal 74*94*10
TG4 oil seal 7*15*5 TG4 oil seal 25*49*10 TG4 oil seal 74*95*7
TG4 oil seal 7*16*7 TG4 oil seal 25*50*7 TG4 oil seal 74*95*8
TG4 oil seal 7*17*5 TG4 oil seal 25*50*8 TG4 oil seal 74*95*12
TG4 oil seal 7*17*7 TG4 oil seal 25*50*10 TG4 oil seal 74*95*13
TG4 oil seal 7*18*5 TG4 oil seal 25*50*12 TG4 oil seal 74*96*7
TG4 oil seal 7*18*7 TG4 oil seal 25*52*7 TG4 oil seal 74*96*12
TG4 oil seal 7*19*5 TG4 oil seal 25*52*8 TG4 oil seal 74*100*12
TG4 oil seal 7*19*7 TG4 oil seal 25*52*8.6 TG4 oil seal 74*100*13
TG4 oil seal 7*20*7 TG4 oil seal 25*52*10 TG4 oil seal 74*102*10
TG4 oil seal 7*22*6 TG4 oil seal 25*52*12 TG4 oil seal 74*102*15
TG4 oil seal 7*26.2*5.5 TG4 oil seal 25*53*10 TG4 oil seal 75*85*10

NNK TG4 NBR/FKM skeleton Oil Seal


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d. others for discussion

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