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TC Rubber Oil Seal

TC TG4 oil seal is a mechanical element used to seal oil, it can isolate lubricating parts and output parts, and prevent the leakage of lubricating oil in the transmission part. It is used for oil and dust sealing. Use when there is sealing medium on one side and light dust on the other side.



 TC oil seal = metal iron shell + complete rubber wrap + self-tightening spring.

TG4 oil seal =metal iron shell + complete rubber wrap + self-tightening spring +Outer ring thread.


Rear wheel oil seal, half shaft oil seal, drive shaft oil seal.



Shaft Seals



Abrasion resistance / tear resistance / good bending strength / strong ductility / high tensile strength / oil resistance / corrosion resistance / solvent resistance / high mechanical strength / ozone resistance / aging resistance / long service life / non-toxic meets environmental protection requirements.

Suitable temperature: -30°~260°;

Hardness range: Shaw 80A-95A.



Very good static seal
Very good thermal expansion compensation
Housing allows for greater roughness
Reduced risk of corrosion
Sealing of low and high viscosity fluids
Sealing Modern main seal lip with low radial forces
Protection against undesirable air contaminants



ACM 70 - 75 Shore A
EPDM 70 - 75 Shore A
FKM 70 - 75 Shore A
HNBR 70 - 75 Shore A
NBR 70 - 75 Shore A

Metal cage

Steel - AISI 1010


Steel - AISI 1070 - 1090
Stainless steel - AISI 316


TC oil seal and NNK

NNK is the brand of NOK-CN factory, all products adopt professional technology, reduce friction while ensuring maximum sealing performance, and meet the high quality requirements of tc oil seals. If you have TC oil seal requirements, please contact us.

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