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Valve Stem Seal

Due to emissions laws, coupled with the fact that today's engines run hotter and valves open and close up to 100,000 times an hour, your stem seals have to be of good quality. NNK valve stem seals are made of the highest quality materials and the latest technology, ensuring tightness while extending service life and reducing replacement frequency.

The function of the valve stem seal

Valve stem seals are installed in the valve guides and slide to control valve stem lubrication. Too little oil can cause stem and guide wear. Too much oil can increase oil consumption and cause carbon deposits, which can lead to valve seat damage and premature valve wear. At the same time, if the valve stem seal is damaged, it will also increase the fuel consumption.


NNK valve stem seal design:

Positive seals : Attach to the valve guide boss. They work like a squeegee, wiping and metering oil on the stem as it passes through the seal.

Deflector seals: Deflect oil away from the valve stem. Also called umbrella seals, they move with the valve stem to shield the valve guide from excess oil.

Stem Seal Materials: Nylon, Teflon, Steel, and Synthetic Rubber (NBR, Polyacrylate, and Viton).

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NNK and valve stem seals:

In order to prevent premature hardening and rupture due to insufficient heat resistance of rubber seals, NNK guarantees the service life and ensures that the engine is in a lubricated state. The materials we choose are based on the use environment of the seals and the characteristics of the materials themselves. The oil seals produced have high-quality properties such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and long service life. Currently, Viton has excellent heat resistance (up to 450° F) and abrasion resistance and is the material of choice for most valve stem seals. If you have any valve stem seal needs, please contact us.


Valve oil seal model:

1 90913-02024 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 90913-02057 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 90913-02038 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 90913-02066 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 90913-02093 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 90913-02092 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
7 90913-02062 16PS Valve Stem Seal
8 90913-02062 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
9 90913-02071 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
10 90913-02033 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
11 90913-02016 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
12 90913-02053 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
13 90913-02090 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
14 90913-02103 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
15 90913-02065 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
16 90913-02028 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
17 90913-02051 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
18 90913-02076 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
19 90913-02108 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
20 90913-02116 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
21 90913-02060 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
22 90913-02117 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
23 90913-02101 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
24 90913-02111 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
25 90913-02086 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
26 90913-02088 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
27 90913-02096 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
28 90913-02097 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
29 90913-02089 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
30 91913-02092 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
31 90913-02105 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
32 90913-02120 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
33 90913-02095 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
34 90913-02112 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
35 90913-02053 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 13207-H7200 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 13207-01M01 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 13207-01M01 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 13207-21002 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 13207-D0111 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 13207-D4200 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
7 13207-84A00 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
8 13207-77A00 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
9 13207-53Y10 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
10 13207-B5100 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
11 13207-81W00 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
12 13207-76200 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
13 13207-V1700 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
14 13207-V1700 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
15 13207-42L00 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
16 13207-2B500 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
17 13207-53F00 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
18 13207-2B100 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
19 13207-C6000 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
20 13207-5L300 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
21 13207-40F00 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
22 13207-Z5001 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
23 13207-97012 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
24 13207-97012 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
25 13207-97013 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 MD088384 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 MD016490 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 MD016490 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 MD302172 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 MD307341 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 MD000508 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
7 MD070695 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
8 MD088384 4PCS Valve Stem Seal
9 MD001166 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
10 MD016490 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
11 MD115472 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
12 MD184303 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
13 MD115472 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
14 MD024108 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
15 MD006268 4PCS Valve Stem Seal
16 MD061574 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
17 MD141536 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
18 MD141472 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
19 MD302172 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
20 MD159069 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
21 ME200524 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
22 ME024108 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
23 ME061574 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
24 3110401902 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 8072-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 0249-12-195 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 817-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 HE19-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 B630-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 B660-10-155 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
7 KL01-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
8 KL02-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
9 WL01-10-155 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
10 B660-10-155 24PCS Valve Stem Seal
11 B630-10-155 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
12 Z501-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
13 KL01-10-155 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
14 SE01-10-155 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 8-94208-522-0 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 9-12559-008-0 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 9-12569-001-0 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 5-12569-006-0 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 5-12569-072-0 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 8-94324158-0 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
7 8-94470946-0 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
8 9-12569-055-0 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
9 8-94396-609-1 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
10 8-94110559-0 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 90048-12006 6PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 90048-12009 6PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 90048-12011 16PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 90048-12014 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
5 90048-12021 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
6 90048-12014 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
1 09289-07005 8PCS Valve Stem Seal
2 09289-81400 12PCS Valve Stem Seal
3 09289-07002 6PCS Valve Stem Seal
4 09289-05012 6PCS Valve Stem Seal
KOMATSU.........….3D95,4D95,4D105,6D95,6D105,6D110,6D125,6D155 Valve Stem Seal
DAEWOO.........…. F8A,G15MF,A15MF,X20ED Valve Stem Seal
HYUNDAL...........G4HC,4G15,G4E,H,D,P,C,H100,HD65/72,ATOS,SONATA,ACCENT Valve Stem Seal
BMW............…316,318,520,730 Valve Stem Seal
OPEL..............SV/NZ,4ECI/EI/T,X18XE1/20 Valve Stem Seal
PEUGOT.........…..305,405,504,505 Valve Stem Seal



Valve Stem Seals are used in car engine, which is preventing engine oil enter to exhaust pipe, preventing gasoline mixed with air, and preventing engine oil enter to combustion chamber.


NNK Valve Stem Seal Service Introduction

Located in China since 1983, NNK SEALING PARTS CO., LTD. is a Valve Stem Seal supplier and manufacturer with more than 10 years of experence in the Seal Industry.


With more than 40 years experience, NNK is specialized in leading seal and oil seal manufacture. From oil seals, O-rings, to gaskets, and customized products, application industries include manufacturing, chemical processing, defense, water treatment and filtration, hydraulics, fluid power, heavy trucks, automobiles, aerospace, oil and gas, medical and For life sciences, food and beverages, a complete product line is available for customer needs and specifications.


NNK has been offering customers high-quality Valve Stem Seal production service, both with dvanced technology and 10 years of experience, NNK ensures each customer's demands are met.


NNK welcomes you to view our high quality products Oil Seal, Rubber Ring, Gasket, Rubber Product and feel free to Contact Us.


The valve stem seal is one of the valve seals of the engine. NNK valve stem seal adopts a low-friction design, can withstand the high pressure of the engine exhaust and intake to improve the emission quality and improve the efficiency of the engine. The spring can ensure a long time on the quality of the seal. Our new rubber material can withstand even the most corrosive oils on the market. It is the most common part in the aftermarket and the valve stem seal is generally made by co-vulcanization of the outer frame and fluorine rubber. The aperture is equipped with a self-tightening spring or steel wire, which is used to seal the engine valve guide rod, which is one of many oil seals for cars and motorcycles.


Because the working environment of the valve oil seal is at high temperature and high pressure, it is necessary to use materials with excellent heat resistance and oil resistance. The commonly used materials for oil seals are NBR, FKM, Silicone, ACM, polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene.


Product Material

For the use of Valve Stem Seal materials, we provide: NBR, FKM, ACM, SBR, EPDM, including materials with special specifications. And according to customer needs, provide the most suitable material, we provide the most suitable material to them.


Our Advantages

1. The Standard Product Inventory is Wide and Complete: NNK stocks the standard products and supplies the most common inch sizes. It can manufacture precise Valve Stem Seal according to various industrial needs and deliver them quickly and on time, made of high-quality rubber, with good performance.

2. Low Mold Cost: Most of the various Valve Stem Seal standard specifications already have molds, and no additional investment is required. If there is a special size that needs to be opened, we will also give back to the customer at low cost, or jointly develop the model for cooperation.

3. Flexible MOQ and Instant Delivery: It can support small orders from customers, MOQ is smaller than the industry, and sample testing is provided. Instant delivery allows customers to apply production scheduling more flexibly.

4. Auto Assembly Machine for Oil Seal Spring was introduced, the oil seal is more precise and faster production when inserting the spring, so that the delivery time and quality are more stable.

5. Fully Automatic Inspection: In 2020, the automatic inspection was introduced to ensure the quality of oil seal, overcome the bottleneck of manual inspection, and produce more efficient and fast output.

6. Provide Customized Services: In case there is a need for customized Valve Stem Seal, you are welcome to leave relevant information such as CAD / CAM, NNK can do advanced planning services and consulting for you.


The Function Of Valve Stem Seal

Valve Stem Seal can prevent leakage and pressure in the engine and maintain normal pressure. It also can prevent engine oil from entering the combustion chamber and avoid engine oil loss. The valve stem seal is one of the important parts of the entire engine. It is usually in contact with gasoline and engine oil at high temperatures, therefore, heat-resistant, and oil-resistant rubber materials are required, so Fluorine rubber is a common choice.

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