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Agricultural Machine Oil Seal

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Agricultural Machine Oil Seal

Due to the special requirements of agricultural machinery operations, mechanical components such as axles or bearings, drive shafts, and agricultural spare parts require oil seal protection.The operating environment of many large agricultural machinery is seriously polluted,If you do not use good quality agricultural oil seals,Various chemicals and contaminants can damage your shafts and bearings, and your machine's overall operating efficiency and machine lifespan will be compromised. Therefore, professional agricultural oil seals must be used to protect your equipment.


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Tractor , Conveyors, Truck, Seeder, Harvester, Cranes, Engines, Power trains, Rolling Cultivators.



characteristics of double steel shell design, strong structure, strong sealing, dustproof, oilproof and antifouling.



Axles on vehicle, drive shafts, agriculture spare


NNK Agricultural Machine Oil Seal

NNK is a brand of NOK-CN factory. In order to meet the needs of agricultural machinery for oil seals.All products use professional technology to ensure maximum sealing performance and reduce friction. Our oil seals are suitable for various large agricultural.

We are NNK brand under NOK-CN, accept ODM and OEM. We have the ability to provide samples of disassembled products, develop molds, and carry out production.If you need tractor oil seal, Seeder oil seals, Harvester oil seals, Cranes oil seals, Engines oil seals, Power trains oil seals, Rolling Cultivators oil seals, please contact us.

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