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Stamping Parts

Stamping parts are mainly formed by stamping metal or non-metal sheet materials with the help of the pressure of the press through the stamping die. It mainly has the following characteristics:


⑴ The parts are light in weight and good in rigidity.


⑵ high dimensional accuracy.


⑶ good surface quality, smooth and beautiful appearance.


Copper washer

Copper washer are refined from high-precision, high-hardness sheet materials, usually used in precision molds or precision hardware... After heat treatment and fine grinding, they have high precision, strong tensile strength, and good finish. Toughness and not easy to break.


Freeze plug

water stopper/Water Plug/water blockwater /water blocker/water stopper/core plug/like bowl water plug / engine cap/cylinder cap

Some smaller Freeze plug holes are processing channels during machining, and are blocked with water after processing; some larger Freeze plug holes are designed to protect the body or cylinder head, The Freeze plug can prevent the engine from freezing and breaking the body. When the inside of the engine freezes, the Freeze plug will be opened. The Freeze plug used by the engine is the Freeze plug air bag,so as to protect the body or cylinder head to a certain extent.

If you have any needs about freeze plug and Copper washer please contact us.

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