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Cassette Wheel Hub Oil Seal

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Cassette Wheel Hub Oil Seal

Cassttte wheel hub oil seals are widely used in harsh environments and heavy machinery such as trucks, trailers and agricultural machinery. This design is a combination type, which looks like a labyrinth from the sectional view, and is infused with butter, and has multiple dust-proof lips, and the main lip is supported by springs, which can effectively prevent dirt, oil, water and sediment Enter.



It includes an outer frame shaft, an oil seal body and a support frame. The oil seal body is fixed on the support frame. An outer frame shaft is installed on the outside of the support frame and the oil seal body. The outer frame, the oil seal body and the support frame are integrated. There are multiple dust lips, and the main lip is spring-loaded. The inner oil seal can rotate relative to the outer frame, at least two main lips are arranged on the side of the rubber seal body close to the outer frame, and a spring is provided on the rubber seal body on the side of the main lip close to the inner frame.


Working principle

Only the inner oil seal rotates with the shaft, the outer oil seal on the oil seal seat hole is fixed, and the sealing lip on the outer oil seal is stretched to the shaft by the spring, and the lip is closely attached to the machined shaft surface of the inner oil seal, so as to realize sealing effect.



Good anti-muddy water and dust effect, not easy to leak. The overall sealing effect is better, the reliability is better, the service life is long, and the starting resistance is low.


NNK and Cassttte wheel hub oil seal

NNK has been researching cassttte wheel hub oil seal for many years and has carried out many optimizations and transformations. The reliability of the seal is improved, the failure rate is reduced, the precision of the sealing surface is improved, and the service life of the oil seal is greatly extended. Please contact us if you need cassttte wheel hub oil seal. NNK looks forward to your message!

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