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Truck Oil Seal

Specialized in Truck Oil Seals solutions - NNK Oil Seals

Wherever you need to prevent leaks, remove contaminants, control pressure, or reduce friction, the mission of an automotive oil seal manufacturer is to help you find the right sealing solution for your specific application requirements and business needs. That's why NNK offers a wide range of seals for regular cars, trucks, buses, coaches, trailers, and automotive parts.


Truck Oil Seals typically consist of three basic components

The sealing element, the metal housing and the spring. The purpose of the sealing element is to stop the leakage of fluid between the shaft and the housing. When it is held in a hole or recess, the metal housing will provide rigidity and strength to the seal. The spring will help make the sealing element more effective. All materials must be selected according to the environment in which the oil seal will work.


Types of Truck Oil Seals

There are many types of oil seals on trucks, and there are four categories according to the installation location: truck engine oil seals, truck gearbox oil seals, truck axle oil seals, and truck wheel hub oil seals.

1.The front crankshaft oil seal of the engine and the rear crankshaft oil seal of the engine play the role of sealing the oil.

2.The gearbox shaft oil seal, the rear oil seal of the gearbox shaft, seal the gear oil of the gearbox type.

3.Differential oil seal between axles (also called input oil seal), output oil seal and driving bevel gear oil seal.

4.Wheel hub oil seal, half shaft oil seal.



Sealing, Dustproof, Prevents hydraulic oil and gas leakage, Reciprocating operation, Dustproof, Contaminant removal, Double steel housing design, Structural enhancement, Sealing, Enhanced dustproof, Dirt and sludge removal, OD ACM/ID FPM, Helical design, Reduces friction, Seals, Dustproof, Protects shafts and bearings from dust, grit, mud and other contamination.




SCANIA, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault Trucks, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Toyota

Industrial machinery, industrial motors, vehicle starter motors, gearboxes, multi-purpose seals, shock absorbers, hydraulic cylinders, cylinders, pneumatic rods, axles, drive shafts, agricultural spare parts, engine crankshafts, camshafts, starters, trailers, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, hubs on heavy machinery.


NNK and truck oil seals

In order to meet the needs of trucks for seals, NNK has conducted in-depth research on truck oil seals for decades. According to the working environment of truck oil seals, the characteristics of different applied vehicle series, and combined with its own experience, the truck oil seals produced not only have strong sealing performance, but also anti-skid and wear-resistant. The fit is also super high. At present, it has been used in flatbed trucks, fence trucks, van trucks, warehouse-type trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, etc. If you need truck oil seals, contact us.

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