13207-76200 valve stem seal for Nissin

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  • valve 模板

  • valve 模板

13207-76200 valve stem seal for Nissin

NNK has various types of Valve Stem seals, various models of BMW DA, AIHATSU, MAIHATSU, MASTER, SUZUKI, KOMATSU, DAEWOO, HYUNDAL, etc., please contact if you need.
valve stem oil seal is a kind of oil seal, which is generally made of fluorine rubber. The oil seal is equipped with a self-tightening spring. The valve oil seal is used for the seal of the engine valve guide rod.

Product Description

13207-76200 valve stem seal for Nissin

Product Identifiers

13207-76200 valve stem seal for Nissin

  • Name
    Material Type
    Hardness Range
    20-90 Shore A
    Black, blue , yellow , red as you wanted the color
    As per drawing dimensions
    Automobile, motorcycle, excavator, machinery
    OEM / ODM
    Packing Details
    Neutral packing or according to customized packing.
    Production Capacity
    100000piece for week
    Lead Time
    7 days for samples, 14 days for production mold, 14-28 days for MOQ
    Port of Loading
    Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai as you want
    Shipping Method
    Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union

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Valve Stem Seals are important components for efficiency of engine operation, Their function is to control the leakaae of oil to lubricate the interface of valve stem and vaive auide if too much oil enters into the valve guide, the carbon deposits will raise and spark plug will foul, probably resulting in engine to break down. On the contrary, if the oil is restricted overly, the lack of lubrication will cause valve stem and valve guide to wear. Therefore, valve stem seals will lose the efficacy.The optimal lubrication varies according to engine types.

valve 模板

NNK is a brand of NOK-CN factory. Standard seals are developed or used according to specific customer requirements. All products use professional technology to ensure maximum sealing performance while reducing friction. NNK stem oil seal has excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance . Consistent oil metering and long service life for optimal valve lubrication and minimal engine emissions.

13207ED000 Nissan Valve Stem Seal


Optional beaded lip design feature to provide lowest friction and power loss
Development to specific customer requirements
Consistent oil metering
Excellent resistance to oils/fuels and high temperatures

Long term emissions control 
Long service life
Optimum valve lubrication 
Minimum valve guide wear for maximum valve train life

The function of the valve stem seal
Valve stem seals are installed in the valve guides and slide to control valve stem lubrication. Too little oil can cause stem and guide wear. Too much oil can increase oil consumption and cause carbon deposits, which can lead to valve seat damage and premature valve wear. At the same time, if the valve stem seal is damaged, it will also increase the fuel consumption.

NNK valve stem seal design:
Positive seals : Attach to the valve guide boss. They work like a squeegee, wiping and metering oil on the stem as it passes through the seal.
Deflector seals: Deflect oil away from the valve stem. Also called umbrella seals, they move with the valve stem to shield the valve guide from excess oil.
Stem Seal Materials: Nylon, Teflon, Steel, and Synthetic Rubber (NBR, Polyacrylate, and Viton).
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NNK and valve stem seals:
In order to prevent premature hardening and rupture due to insufficient heat resistance of rubber seals, NNK guarantees the service life and ensures that the engine is in a lubricated state. The materials we choose are based on the use environment of the seals and the characteristics of the materials themselves. The oil seals produced have high-quality properties such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and long service life. Currently, Viton has excellent heat resistance (up to 450° F) and abrasion resistance and is the material of choice for most valve stem seals. If you have any valve stem seal needs, please contact us.

7807347 11347807347 Engine Valve Stem Oil Seal Gasket Anello for BMW N47


Why use oil seals?

1、Origin of oil seal

Oil seals, also known as shaft seals, because hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes and other related components have always had the problem of oil and grease and other media leaking along the rotating shaft.The oil seal came into being.

2、The role of the oil seal

Oil seals are used to close the space between stationary and moving parts in machinery and also help prevent lubricants from escaping the system. Prevent pollutants from entering in harsh working environment of high temperature and high pressure.

3、Oil seal structure

The oil seal is generally composed of three basic components: sealing element, metal shell and clamping spring.Types of oil seals include single and double lips, rubber or polymer, metal housing, spring loaded, and internal, external and axial guides.

7807347 11347807347 Engine Valve Stem Oil Seal Gasket Anello for BMW N47

Why use NOK-CN factory-made oil seals?

1、For the factory

We are an honest oil seal supplier.We have very good expertise, experienced technicians, new good equipment, strict inspection procedures, durability and performance seal testing, PPAP level IIl submission. Strict process control, international standard high-quality products and affordable prices. The strength factory has more than 150 workers, strong delivery capacity, we provide you with the best after-sales service.

2、For products

NNK is committed to the best raw materials, and uses advanced technology and equipment to solve oil seal problems for customers. Our products not only ensure the sealing effect, but also minimize the friction force. The service life is longer than the average service life of oil seals. less loss.

3、About production

A: Existing molds: 30 days, depending on ordering quantity.

New Molds: 60 days, depending on ordering quantity.

Samples Submission :21-28 days with existing toolings.

We are NNK brand under NOK-CN, accept ODM and OEM. We have the ability to provide samples of disassembled products, develop molds, and carry out production

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